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Your logo and brand identity shape the perception of your company. It needs to be unique and forthcoming with usage and style. It encompasses many aspects including Logo, Typography, Colour Palette, Online and Social presence amongst others. It refers to all of the elements that go in to project your company’s perception to the consumer.

Your logo needs to make you instantly recognisable over time so that your audience will associate you with your specific product or service. It will build a relationship with your customer and can develop loyalty and connection. Whether your logo is being used on business cards, social media, websites or collateral, it should create recognition to you and your business.

We ensure you are involved in the logo construction process to ensure you are 100% happy with the finished product. By using styles and other elements that inspire you, we will accomplish a unique and professional logo that stands out. You will receive a landscape and portrait version of your logo, as well as PDF, PNG, JPG and EPS versions to use, to allow you to work with your logo regardless of how it is being used.

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