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Building partnerships with our clients is key to having success in the fast moving marketplace. Managing your brand, solving issues, choosing systems that will benefit your business and help it grow, making the right choices is our forte. Technology is meant to aide business – not hinder growth. Whether it be online or reality based solutions, we can design for you…


About Us

Our mission is to create individual, useful and sale based design. The creation of a strong brand identity is the key to a company’s success in the market place. Our focus is producing inspiring work which is creative, consumer-friendly and actually produces a result. M66 offers a full range of brand, design and digital services. Through the use of this media, we offer creative solutions for your needs including systems for use in your business to be functional and time saving to streamline your business. Case studies of M66 partnerships below, are an integral part of producing the best results for you.

Note: The importance of a great brief may be the difference between getting an average product and a great one, so some thought and collaboration is necessary.


Case Study

Eco Superfoods

M66 has partnered with Eco Superfoods to create a fast growing, successful business. From brand development to implementation of structural systems incorporating web, print, software integration that links their warehousing, inventory and accounting both in retail and wholesale sectors. This is ongoing process with our support.



Case Study

DOLA Group

M66 partner Digital Orthotics Group is a growing, successful medical research and development company. Our mission – to enhance brand development, implementation of medical prescription systems incorporating web, print, software integration that links their education through means of a dashboard for prescribers and medical professionals. Again, this is ongoing process with our support.

Services and Skills

Digital Services

Digital Design
Web Design
System Integration
Video + Motion Graphics

Brand and Print

Brand Identity
Print Design

Partner Support

Strategy and Creative
System Support

We endeavour to cover everything you might need in regards to creative and business services, from the very simple to the complex.

Trusted Partner

One9 Creative

We collaborate and partner on many projects. This makes M66 a more complete business and offers more services and products to you, the client. OneNine Creative – A Gold Coast based studio delivering brand solutions through creative strategy and design. They work on brand communication across many disciplines.

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